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This is a community for those that feel they have a spark of the divine in them. Whether Greek, Celtic, Nordic, or anything else, come see if you've got that ominpotent look about you. Post your pictures here, and our members will vote as to which deity you most remind them of. In turn, you get to vote on everyone else. Have fun!


New Members:

1. You have to join to post. Effective 7 April 2008: You will need to vote on at least three applications before applying yourself.

2. No anonymous posting or commenting.

3. Apply with the survey; pictures are optional but encouraged ('cause they're fun). Lj-cuts are mandatory. I will reject your app if there is no lj-cut.

4. Dress up, wear makeup, use props, whatever... or just come as you are. Whatever you think best expresses your inner divinity.

5. Any pictures should be big enough for us to see, and clear enough so we can tell you're a human and not an enormous amoeba.

6. No excessive PhotoShopping. Getting rid of red-eye is one thing, morphing your features entirely is another.

7. In the subject line of your post, please put "Deify Me". This is so that I know you read the rules.

8. If anyone pointed you in our direction, let us know so that I can thank our promoters.

9. You get 3 days to garner votes. After that, you will be stamped with the deities most prevalent in the votes.

10. Have fun!

Stamped members:

1. When voting on new members, pick a deity or two from the list below. Bolding your vote makes things easier on your mod. Please try to stick to the list -- if you feel someone strongly resembles a deity not listed, feel free to tell them so, but also try to vote one from the list. I'm only going to create new stamps sporadically, and it isn't really fair to the person you're voting on if you're not voting a stamp that I have. If you can, please give an explanation! They don't have to be elaborate, but enough to give the person a clue.

2. Promotions -- Now, as an avid promoter myself, I have no problem with you promoting your own communities here. I would like to ask that they be kept "on topic" -- either other rating communities or other communities dealing with mythology. I will only speak to you about how often you're promoting if it becomes a problem; use good sense. And, if you promote a community here, I would like to ask also that you promote this one in return.

3. No nastiness or flaming, or the wrath of the mod will come down on you. And believe me, I can be a lot meaner than you can when so provoked, so don't test me.


I, the mod, promise to be as helpful and responsive as is possible. I will do my absolute best to get you stamped in an expedient manner. I will do everything in my power to make sure that trolls and flamers stay out of the community, so that it is a pleasant place of exchange.

In return, you, the members, will follow the rules, play nicely, and not whinge if I'm a tad behind in posts or stamps.

Amaterasu - Japanese
Aphrodite - GrecoRoman
Artemis (moon maidens) - GrecoRoman
Athena - GrecoRoman
Bast - Egyptian
Blodeuwedd - Celtic
Brigid - Celtic
Cerridwen - Celtic
Demeter - GrecoRoman
Diana (ladies of the forest) - GrecoRoman
Eos - GrecoRoman
Eris - GrecoRoman
Eve - Hebrew
Freya - Norse
Hathor - Egyptian
Hecate - GrecoRoman
Hera - GrecoRoman
Hestia - GrecoRoman
Iris - GrecoRoman
Ishtar - Sumerian
Isis - Egyptian
Ixchel - Mayan
Kali - Hindu
Kore (the maiden)- GrecoRoman
Kuan Yin - Buddhist
Lakshmi - Hindu
Lilith - Hebrew
Maàt - Egyptian
Medb - Celtic
Mórrígan - Celtic
Pele - Polynesian
Proserpina (Queen of the Underworld) - GrecoRoman
Psyche - GrecoRoman
Rhiannon - Celtic
Sarasvati - Hindu [Artwork (c) F. Thurman]
Sif - Norse

Anansi - West African
Angus Og - Celtic
Apollo - GrecoRoman
Bacchus - GrecoRoman
Eros - GrecoRoman
Hades - GrecoRoman
Hermes - GrecoRoman
Horus - Egyptian
Loki - Norse
Mars - GrecoRoman
Odin - Norse
Osiris - Egyptian
Pan - GrecoRoman
Poseidon - Poseidon
Shiva - Hindu
Thor - Norse
Yahweh - Hebrew
Zeus - GrecoRoman

Stamps may be viewed here

Nota Bene: All artwork (C) the original owners. If artwork here belongs to you and is being used without your permission, please let me know, and I will gladly credit you or remove the artwork as you wish. Also note that there is some artistic nudity in these pictures.

Our Divinities:
Stamped List Under Construction

Created and moderated by roguebelle

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