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redsundancer in divinities

Deify Me

1. Name: Ashley
2. Age (no one under 13, please): 23
3. Location: New York, USA
4. Three positive adjectives to describe yourself: Simple, feminine and reserved
5. Three negative adjectives to describe yourself: Shy, quiet and withdrawn
6. What do you (or did you) want to be when you grow up?: Wildlife veterinarian
7. What is the meaning/derivation/significance of your username?: Red Sundancer was the nickname given to my Boxer pup when he was born because of his bright fawn colored coat. I loved him dearly as he was the closest thing I had to a brother growing up. So I use his nickname in honor of.
8. Favourite three books: Raven and the Eagle, Queen of Camelot, and Mists of Avalon
9. Favourite three movies: Troy, 300, King Arthur
10. Do you have any creative talents? (feel free to provide examples): I used to compose tragic, romantic love stories but since I became a mother I don't have the time I used to, to create them anymore. I still get inspired but instead of writing anything down, I daydream the story instead.
11. Where is your favourite place to be, and why?: At home with my son and his father because I love and need them.
12. What is your favourite holiday, and why?: Probably Easter. I like the entire softness of the holiday, if that makes sense. All about new life, pastel colors, bunnies and chocolate. A sweet holiday where I can spoil my son with lots of love.
13. If you were going to be a superhero, what powers would you want to have?: An enhanced intuition or psychic perception
14. Are you willing to accept cross-gendered stamps/votes?: No thank you
15. Anything else we should know?: Nothing
16. Pictures or description of yourself: Modesty in reserve, I am a slender 5 ft 5 female. I have long dark red brown hair, dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, light olive colored skin and a baby face that makes me appear a lot younger than I actually am. I don't really like to wear makeup or jewelry but, I still consider myself feminine and naturally beautiful.
17. Please provide links to your votes on at least three other applications:



Ooo...Psyche, definitely.

November 2008

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