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Deify Me!

1. Name: Michiru
2. Age (no one under 13, please): Twenty-three
3. Location: Houston, Texas area
4. Three positive adjectives to describe yourself: empathetic, intuitive, feminine
5. Three negative adjectives to describe yourself: withdrawn, aloof, secretive
6. What do you (or did you) want to be when you grow up?: An artist or musician.
7. What is the meaning/derivation/significance of your username?: I've used Michiru Kaiou as my online alias for ten years. It is taken from the character of the same name from the manga series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She is my favorite character and I am very similar to her in terms of personality and interests, so I decided the alias "Michiru" would be as good as any. :)
8. Favourite three books: The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle, The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge, and Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli
9. Favourite three movies: Amadeus, The Dark Knight, Serenity
10. Do you have any creative talents? (feel free to provide examples): I paint and draw quite often, and I feel that I am fairly decent at it. I studied web design for three years (though I've been designing much longer) at The Art Institute of Houston. I also play the piano and violin, and I have played the clarinet in the past.
11. Where is your favourite place to be, and why?: The ocean. It's the place I feel the most free and in my element.
12. What is your favourite holiday, and why?: Easter. I love it for its religious significance, and it's just a very nice time of the year. I love spring weather.
13. If you were going to be a superhero, what powers would you want to have?: Powers related to water or the ocean in some way.
14. Are you willing to accept cross-gendered stamps/votes?: I would prefer female votes, but I will accept whatever you feel is most accurate.
15. Anything else we should know?: I often come across as very shy and I'm not an easy person to get to know, but I am nevertheless a friendly person and a good listener. I'm very close to my family and spend a good part of my time with them. I'm not currently in school, but I enjoy studying various subjects of interest on my own. In addition to the hobbies listed under creative talents, I also enjoy swimming, reading, writing, yoga, and ballet.
16. Pictures or description of yourself: I'm 5'1 with dark golden brown hair and blue eyes. My hair is naturally wavy, but I often wear it straight, as well.

17. Please provide links to your votes on at least three other applications: [1] [2] [3]


Kuan Yin for sure... the focus on water and womanly compassion is a definite

and i can see her as being Michiru like (I love the manga Sailor moon ;))

and i have to say, you're picture reminds me of a porcelain doll :)
Mhm. Very Kuan Yin-like.

Kuan Yin

You are very Kuan Yin
Personally I see more of Hestia. ^^;
I see some Blodeuwedd, actually.
Eve. You even look like Eve on the stamp. Or yeah, maybe Kaun Yin.
I think Kuan Yin suits you :)
Kuan Yin seems appropriate.

November 2008

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